Moving Past People’s Knee Jerk Reaction to Employee Tracking Initiatives

There has always been a great deal of debate in terms of how much an employer can do and how they can dictate the use of an employee’s time during business hours. During these times, a person’s main consideration is what the business wants or require from them, within reason. While businesses have abused this position in the past, in some cases in a rather significant way, if a business expects efficiency and wise time management, this isn’t an unreasonable request. However, there are a number of eyebrows that get raised when businesses employ things like Employee Cell Phone Tracking.

While it’s easy to look at the negatives, the negative connotation of this sort of tracking doesn’t always factor into why the business has chosen to monitor their employees, especially employees that use company vehicles. In some cases, the main emphasis for cell phone tracking is efficiency, safety and convenience.

Putting the big brother mentality of monitoring employee aside for a second, it’s necessary to look at the benefits that come from Employee Tracking. For example, if an employee is a service provider and makes multiple stops throughout the day to handle service issues, with tracking, a business can know where each service personnel happens to be at any given time. This can help better plan out expected times when a future customer can expect the service employee to arrive. These tracking services can also be helpful in the event that there is an emergency.

This tracking data is often saved and can be used at a later date to help improve long-term efficiency. For example, if a delivery driver or service employee is having difficulty meeting all of their daily obligations, this tracking information can be extrapolated and investigated. In some cases, adjustments to the overall routes of delivery drivers and service personnel can help the business get more work done in a more efficient manner by changing up routes and schedules.

It’s easy to look at this sort of tracking as an intrusion or an expression of an over authoritarian business. However, that may not always be the reason for using employee tracking devices. In some cases, this is the furthest thing from the employer’s mind. In many instances, they want to protect, improve efficiency and sometimes make the employee’s jobs a bit easier. This is precisely what employee tracking applications and software can do and it’s one of the reasons why this type of software or application is so popular today.


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